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YJ  Booking Module  is complex form module that will help you gather booking information from your visitors and delivered the same to your email address.

YJB  comes with 33  parameters and advance settings. You do not need any additional components to have your users pick destination packages. Simply create new news item and assign news  section you want your users to see in frontend.

This module also comes with Mootools Accordion feature and server side script compression settings. Each field in the module can be configured in module settings. You are also given a option for post text after the form has been submitted. Post message text can contain HTML characters.

YJB is fully CSS powered and gives you the option to modify the module to suite your website.

Using   client-side validation script by Martin Ivanov , YJB gives  your website additional WEB 2.0 feel , fast and reliable solution for your Hotel Booking .

 YJ Booking Module is FREE for all  visitors.


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